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Lesson Types

All lessons take place on the discord so make sure you join before booking a lesson. 

The default lesson booking options are displayed below, but format and pricing can be negotiable. Message me on discord or use the contact form for further details and alternate booking options.

What do I teach? - Currently I'm just teaching Vocal Gender Modification. Which may also be known as voice feminization, masculinization and neutralization. 

Private Lessons

Private lessons are lessons that take place one on one, just you and the teacher in a private channel, no other people can listen in.

Public Lessons

Public lessons are lessons which take place one on one, but other people can listen in and shadow. Only you and the teacher actively work on voice, but other people can listen in so they can also learn more about voice.



For speech therapists and other voice profesionals, teachers coaches etc pricing is £60 per 55 Minutes.

Lesson Policies

Cancellation Policy

If you are looking to cancel or reschedule a lesson, please try to inform me 48 hours in advance and no less than 36 hours in advance. If you miss this 36-hour cut-off, it will count as an unexpected cancellation and you will be required to pay for the lesson.

I get that life gets in the way, so the first time you create an unexpected cancellation we can simply reschedule to a different time. If it happens again, you will be charged the minimum rate for the lesson type you booked. For example, if it was a 55-minute public lesson, you would be expected to pay £30 (if you had already paid more than this, then you may request that any excess is discounted from the next time you purchase from my ko-fi shop). This cancellation policy is necessary. In the event of an unexpected cancellation I am not only potentially losing out on the time/money from the lesson you booked, but it also means that that time slot is unavailable for other people who may have been able to benefit from it.

Know your rights, for example. If you live in the UK then you can cancel your order up to 14 days after paying for a lesson and be refunded, however, you still have to pay for any time invested in you in preparation for that lesson. If you opt cancel within the 36 hour window and do not pay the outstanding fee you will not be able to further use the service.

I reserve the right to cancel any lesson for any reason at any time. In the event that I outright cancel your lesson you will be refunded, depending on the reason for cancellation you may be offered to reschedule instead. I also reserve the right to postpone reschedule a lesson at any time, though of course, in such an event I will try to work with you to provide the most workable solution for both of us.

Late Policy

If a student is more than 10 minutes late to a 55 minute lesson, or more than 5 minutes late to a 25 minute lesson they run the risk of me no longer being there and the lesson will count as an unexpected cancellation. Any lateness will be deducted from the lesson time so please make sure to be there on time.

Recording Policy 

At the start of a lesson you will be offered the option for the lesson to be recorded. If you opt for the lesson to be recorded you should be aware that the recording is now technically available publicly on the internet, even if functionally this is not the case. If you opt for the lesson to be recorded you will be effectively waiving the privacy of this data. This is not to say that we would aim to distribute it without your consent, but that in effect by opting for the lesson to be recorded you are giving your consent for it to be publicly available. When recordings are taken they are done using the Craig discord bot. 

What happens to recordings?

Two things happen: First, I download and process them, at this stage I keep a copy for myself so that I can use it to improve my teaching. This recording may be shared with other teachers so I can get feedback on my teaching. Second, the recording can be put up in the server, when its put in the server, it gets put in a channel that you have control over. You can control who can see it (within the limits of discord's permissions i.e. staff can see it).

Recording will only take place, on my end, if you indicate you would like the session to be recorded. 

Pricing Policy

The service retains the right to at any time modify our prices prior to accepting an order. All prices quoted are given in Great British Pounds and are a guideline of price it is your responsibility to be aware of any fees as they relate to our payment processors paypal or stripe that may mean the prices are higher than they are quoted and to make sure that you are comfortable paying the price at payment before paying. For details on paypal and stripe please visit their websites to learn more. 

Topic Policy

Currently I am only doing lessons on vocal gender modification. As such I consider myself well informed on the topic, if you wish you may also bring up topics outside of this realm but I make no promises that I will be as informed on such topics. For example: I do not teach singing, however, if U had a question about say accessing different parts of your range I may be able to comment on this somewhat but I would not be able to say coach you through singing a song.

Frequently Asked Questions!!

If you find the pricing prohibitive then you can reach out to me with me to see if there is a way we could do the lessons at a reduced rate. When doing this please give me a price value.

Alternately you could consider going on the waiting list for sponsored lessons using this form. To find out more about this look at the #gift-a-lesson channel on the discord.

If you're in a position to sponsor a lesson for another person please consider doing so. You can do this through my Ko-fi and you can learn more from the #gift-a-lesson channel on the discord. If you're unsure where to join the discord, see the community tab.