Want to join the community?

Start by clicking connect in the embed, or by pressing the Join Here button below!

Why should I join the community?

  • The community is and will always be free to join!

  • Now the next most important reason is that this is where I teach; when lessons take place they are done in this discord server.

  • Pick up roles and be notified about events via discord!! - if you want to learn more about voice then there are lots of lessons for you to shadow and listen in on, or if you want more of a personal touch there are also workshops you can get access to and ask any questions you may have.

  • Make use of the voice practice, feedback and critique channels, one of the best resources we can have when working towards our goals in voice training is a community of people who relate to our experiences, and peers who can give us feedback when we need help. Make use of the feedback and voice question channels to get help from your peers when you need it!!

  • Find static resources to help you with your training, whether that's the recordings of previous lessons that some students opt to share, or recordings of prior voice workshops so that even if you cant make it to the workshops themselves you can learn more about voice.

What should I do when I first join the community?

  1. First things first you should head on over and check out the #welcome-and rules-channel. If you have any questions about how to conduct yourself while in the server hopefully that should clear those up.

  2. Then head on over to the #role-select channel and pick up pronouns and assorted notification roles :3

  3. After this its up to you!! There's lots more to check out, so whether its #repository of voices or the some of the previous lesson and workshop recordings. If you want to find out more about what each channel is for then head on over and check out the #lesson-and-server-faq channel.

We haven't got too much further for you right now, but keep an eye out for further development.

If you want more to check out right now, maybe consider checking out this Getting started with vocal gender reddit post.

Or some of these other discord communities: FVS, OVC, SAV, or Scinguistics. If you're in need of a lesson but don't have the money to get one yourself consider submitting a request on this form.