Voice Lessons with Adi

If you're here to learn more about my teaching, then I recommend you head on over to Book A lesson!! There you can find details about my pricing, availability, the type of services I offer, related details and FAQs. If you want to learn more about our fledgling community then I suggest you head on over to the community tab. Within the community itself there are a number of free resources available, so go check it out!!

My main goal is to provide Identity Affirming Voice Lessons at an affordable price.

Right now this looks like helping people to modify the gender presentation of their voices (sometimes known as voice masculinization, feminization or neutralization), so they feel confident that they are putting the vibe they want out into the world. I believe that everyone deserves to be able to express themselves in a way that feels authentic  to their identity. As a trans person myself I have first hand experience in how dysphoria and other related experiences can have large impacts on how many of us feel as we move through the world with a voice that doesn't feel like it matches us. 

While I am trans myself, and the majority of my client base are trans people as well, I do want to stress the fact that I am open to and welcoming of people regardless of their personal goals it comes to voice, provided it falls within the gender niche. Whether you are of a plural experience or simply a cis guy or gal who wants to play with some more masculinity or femininity in your voice you're more than welcome to book a lesson so don't feel scared off!!  

Since I started teaching I have worked with more than 100  clients to help them progress towards their vocal goals. If you too, are interested in booking a lesson or seeing my pricing then please navigate to the book a lesson page.

New to modifying vocal gender? Check out this clip.

Just saying hi, and a little tour of some of the vocal qualities that we may want to specifically focus in on as it relates to modifying gender presentation and general vibe in voice.

About Me!

Hey everyone,

I'm Adi and I am an identity affirming voice teacher/coach from the UK. My pronouns are  they/them and I recently graduated from university with a bachelors of science in biology.  Despite a potential perceived disconnect, this actually really feeds into my interest in voice.  During lessons we get to focus in on sounds and mapping out and navigating through our voices, however, if we want to explore it voice is also a really really interesting mesh of physics, biology and psycho-acoustics which means there's always more cool stuff to think about and look into.

In my spare time I like to do all the normal stuff: read books, talk with friends or even play video-games on occasion. But I also try to spend some time making voice more accessible whether that's collating resources like this or doing workshops or drop in events. Within my discord server itself (where I teach) you can also find a number of resources catered towards voice training, whether that's the feedback and critique channels, voice channels where you can practice voice modification, or at the bottom of the server some previous lesson and workshop recordings so that you can learn more about voice.